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This is super neat! A smidge too difficult for me just bc I do not have good hand-eye coordination, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Howdydoodlydeedle! Just had a little play of the game and I have to say I am enjoying it so far!

Straight off the first beautiful thing was the music that hit me with a wave of nostalgia! It specifically reminded me of the game Rastan on the Sega Mastersystem :P Ooo such fond memories that evoked!

When I took a look through the character selection screen, I straight off liked the fact of "Ok, this means possibly different play styles?" which IMMEDIATELY appealed to me! :D

With regards to the mechanics in the game, I think it is all pretty smooth but with one sticking point - Attacking enemies :) It is not clear as to how that works in itself. and as a result I find myself when walking into goblins one minute hitting them for that sweet moolah, and the next volunteering for a bit down with no idea how or why :S

The visuals in this game are all very beautifully executed and are all in keeping with the retro medieval theme of this game

I like the simplicity in the graphics and the gameplay. I recognized the art and understood the mechanics instantly. Like many others I think this game would work very well on mobile because of this simplicity and the vertical view field. All the interesting pickups make me want to just keep playing.


Its perfect but i couldnt even beat Warrior. I am not skillful :/

Thanks! Keep trying, you'll get there :)


The most addictive and great looking game. I love it! The artwork is amazing! It would be really good for it to be on mobile, but web-based is awesome too.



Simple and ordinary concept, yet with great idea. It might be playable and nice to play in mobile :D

Thank you! I may consider mobile.


This is very playable and enjoyable! The vertical layout and all the different gameplay components work well together. I'll need to get some more practice in to unlock the other characters.


Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the game :)


Solid game, simple idea, plays well. 


Thank you!