Rogue to Ruin is a casual yet difficult, vertical scrolling, action rogue-like, distilled down to the essentials.

  • 4 button controls... play with one hand!
  • 3 randomly generated levels.
  • 4 unique and unlockable characters, each with their own special powers.
  • 6 loot items to collect and aid you to victory!

Controls: W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys to move, Escape to pause

Note: audio controls are found in the in-game pause menu

A game by @OpticalOverride and Bahototh


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Its perfect but i couldnt even beat Warrior. I am not skillful :/

Thanks! Keep trying, you'll get there :)


The most addictive and great looking game. I love it! The artwork is amazing! It would be really good for it to be on mobile, but web-based is awesome too.



Simple and ordinary concept, yet with great idea. It might be playable and nice to play in mobile :D

Thank you! I may consider mobile.


This is very playable and enjoyable! The vertical layout and all the different gameplay components work well together. I'll need to get some more practice in to unlock the other characters.


Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the game :)


Solid game, simple idea, plays well. 


Thank you!