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Null Vector is an 80's style arcade roguelite game for the Oculus Rift and monitor. Expected release: August 2017 on Steam.

A challenging permadeath rogue-lite. Fly and fight through rooms of random, uniquely designed enemies. Pick up components that augment your ship and weapon to better your chances. How far can you pilot your ship?

The demo consists of only 2 sectors and a small set of enemies. The final game will have (many) more enemies, sectors, ship components, a final boss, and more!

Interested in staying tuned? Check out my public dev log here, or like the Facebook page here.

Install instructions

The game works with a keyboard; however, I highly (...highly) recommend using either an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller while playing as this is a twin stick shooter. Make sure one of these is hooked up before starting the game.


NullVector_demo_v3.0.zip (15 MB)


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its quite fun, but definitely there is room for improvement:

1. faster bullets and movement.... everything in this game feels quite slow, and imo if you increase the speed of the bullets and decrese the firetime, and decrease the damage accordingly, itll at least feel much better.

2. fired bullets should NOT despawn after travelling half the room. Considering how slow the bullets are, missing a shot because it despawned before it hit the enemy feels extremely lame :(

3. Enemies that are more interesting to fight. For example, how cool would it be if those square that move and split into smaller ones constantly followed you, but fairly slowly, and then once split, the 2 mini ones zoom towards you! They should be quick to dispatch, how many bullets they take dependant on how many bullets you can fire (if the bullets are too slow theyll catch up to you)

Just a few of my ideas, I am excited to see where this game goes from here :)

Thanks so much for the considerate feedback!

Both your points 1 and 2 (among a huge list of other changes) are actually already in the next build (v3.0) which is set to be uploaded in the next couple of days, so stay tuned! I also think I've tackled your point number 3 (as far as more interesting enemies) but I'll let you be the judge when the new build is released.

I'm glad that we share the same thoughts on improvements from this game, and I am looking forward to .3 :)

also, when would it be coming out roughly?

Shooting for August 2017 release on Steam. I'll be updating this page with specifics as it gets closer.

New demo v3.0 is out! :)